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Release equity to build a granny flat

18% yields and up to 30% increase in your properties valuation... what's not to like.

So what is a granny flat?

A granny flat is a second dwelling on your property that is separate from your main house.

It provides accomodation typically for an elderly relative, however has now changed into accomodation for anyone

Fetching anywhere between $300-$700 per week in some states

What are the figures?

Average cost of building a granny flat


Around $200 per week on an equity release repayments

Average rental return on investment

18% ($25,200)

Profit around $14,748 annual average

Adding a granny flat can increase your property value by up to 30% 

What are the steps to gaining finance and building one?

Got equity in your property and space out back?

We can tap into that equity to fund the entire build process and introduce you to local reputable builders

Does it take long?

Refinance will take up to 2 weeks and the build takes around 12 weeks

Book a call to find out more -

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