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3 tried and tested property strategies...

3 tried and tested property strategies...

There's no one size fits all strategy, you'll meet people cemented with the idea that "there way is the best way". But ultimately it all comes down to circumstances and what you're comfortable with.

Here's a few to consider.

1. BRRRR - Buy the property (ideally at discount), renovate the property (increasing value), rent the property to someone (gain income), refinance (release money to fund the next project), reinvest (repeat)

2. Set and forget - You buy something (ideally at discount) in the median area, for the median price and rent it to the median income family. You wait for the market to do it's thing... you refinance and repeat. Build the portfolio out as comfortably as you'd like and when the properties double in price you sell half to pay off half

3. Flip, you buy property (ideally at discount) you upgrade that property with available cash and this creates such a margin you can sell the property or upsize the property to repeat or jump higher on the ladder

Fancy talking strategy? Reach out!

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