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Believe it or not, most of my initial phone calls are about budgeting because getting the first property is the hardest task of them all. Here’s some tips…

1) 👆 Put a weekly / fortnightly or monthly transfer of a set amount into a high interest “house” savings account via scheduled automated transfer - don’t make the number too high so you have to dip in. “Save before you spend”

2) ✌️ Seperate your “everyday spending” and your “bills” accounts - using the method above schedule a set figure which is budgeted. This keeps you accountable for overspending

3) 🤟 Learn to say “NO”… or learn to say “Can we go here instead, I’m on a strict saving plan for a house deposit” - There’s always something on, always a birthday, always a dinner invite. Setting an expectation with friends and family is key…

4)🖖 Allign with your partner. “This is our goal 🎯 we both want our future to look like XXX can we please have a serious discussion around how we achieve this together” - if you’re not alligned then one of you will drag down the other, come to a common ground… you’ll know what this looks like because it will be slightly painful for both of you 😂

5)🖐️ Accelerate paying off “bad debt” - personal loans, car loans and credit cards should be paid out and closed off at the earliest if it’s hindering your ability to save. Depending on your discipline, sometimes it’s worth ticking off the smallest debt first to give you some positive feedback early on… ✅

6) 🖐️👆 Find a property you desire… call someone like myself to show you in black and white what the target funds are to buy that property 🏠 so you know what you’re looking at for a target level saving 🎯

7) 🖐️✌️ Figure out your strategy. Are we buying an owner occupier, are we buying an investment property, are we getting a project… what’s the location etc. etc. speak to professionals first, you’re not wasting our time. You’re figuring out your future. Having this knowledge 🧠 empowers you in the saving game 💰

8) 🖐️🤟 Go through your spending 🙇‍♂️ yes this sucks, yes it’s eye opening - sure if you’re already frugal then saving an extra $100-$200 a month wont get you far and that $5 coffee in the morning is what keeps you sane during the process. But if you’re buying lunch 7 days a week, Amazon orders are a daily occurrence and you’re getting cabs everywhere instead of the bus 🚌 then there’s a chances you’ve got an extra $500-$1,000 in hidden expenses you could put towards your deposit 🔑

9) 🖐️🖖 Deploy Patience! This is a long tedious task… BUT. Patience and discipline is key to any success… like a seed that needs to grow you have to nurture it and it’s not going to happen overnight. But Rome wasn’t built in a day 🏰 if the goal is 1 year, 3 years or 5 years. Thats ok… the market isn’t waiting. So begin.

10) 🖐️🖐️ Enjoy it! Have a monthly review of it and mark off the milestones ✅

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